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Award-winning single cask whisky in artisan chocolates, those are Elisabeth’s whisky pearls. For these delectable flavour bombs, Elisabeth collaborates with artisan Dirk Naert, specialist in liqueur chocolates, and whisky distillery The Belgian Owl, winner of several international awards.

71% Single Cask Whisky in a divine praline

The whisky pearls are filled with an exclusive Belgian whisky from The Belgian Owl distillery in Haspengouwen. As a result of its superior flavour, The Belgian Owl’s whiskies have already won several (international) awards. The whisky in these whisky pearls is ‘Cask Strength’, a single cask with an alcohol percentage of 71%.

This exclusive whisky was carefully coated with a fine layer of artisan black chocolate by our artisan Dirk Naert. The result is a crunchy praline filled with a ‘shot’ of whisky. Stick the praline whole in your mouth and experience a heavenly flavour explosion.

These flavour bombs are exclusively available at Elisabeth Chocolatier. In the round gift box you will find 18 delectable whisky pearls.


Discover the luxury package for the whisky lover!

In this luxurious gift box you will find a round box with 18 whisky pearls and a bottle of single cask whisky of The Belgian Owl with an alcohol percentage of 71% (‘Cask Strength’).
A unique gift for every whisky lover!