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For the summer of 2022, Elisabeth and artist Garance Brunard joined forces. The result? A temporary collection, in which the artisanal fruit cubes of Elisabeth are packed in an exclusive gift box designed by Garance Brunard.

70% fruit, 100% natural.

The fruit cubes are artisanal and natural products, made of 70% fruit. This high fruit content is unique and makes each fruit cube a delicious flavour bomb.

Each fruit cube has a summery and fresh fruit flavour. Six different fruit flavours were carefully selected for this gift box: cherry, apricot, raspberry, blueberry, peach or pear.

Chocolate lovers can also opt for a gift box of fruit cubes, completed with delicious chocolate truffles.

This unique and limited gift box with six different fruit flavours was designed together with the Brussels artist Garance Brunard. She translated the taste experience of our delicious fruit cubes into the theme ‘The forbidden fruit’ in an exclusive embroidery.

You can win this unique piece of art!

How? When you buy the gift box in one of our shops, you fill in the competition form with a multiple choice question and a rating question. Did you buy the product online? Then scan your answers and mail them to Early October 2022 we will announce the winner via a personal message and via our social media.