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Belgian, aged rum (Brhum) in a crispy coating of dark Belgian chocolate, that’s what Elisabeth’s Brhum pearls are. A delectable combination for which Elisabeth initiated a collaboration between master chocolatier Dirk and Belgian distillery Dada Chapel.

Aged Brhum (42%) based on sugar beet in a divine praline

The Brhum pearls are filled with aged Brhum, a quality product from Ghent distillery Dada Chapel. It is a full-bodied rum that has matured for a year in oak barrels. This resulted in an aroma of cocoa and a sweet impression of vanilla and caramel.

The golden liquor was coated with a crunchy layer of dark chocolate by master chocolatier Dirk, the perfect combination for a delicious praline. Stick the pearl whole in your mouth and be surprised by the rich taste of chocolate and the warm kick of rum.

These flavour bombs are exclusively available at Elisabeth Chocolatier. In the elegant gift box, you will find 18 delicious Brhum pearls.


Discover the luxury package for the rum lover!

This unique package in a luxurious gift box includes an elegant box with 18 Brhum pearls and a bottle of aged Brhum from distillery Dada Chapel with an alcohol content of 42% (70 cl).

A dream gift for any rum lover!